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Water Damage Los Angeles

Water damage describes a multitude of loss scenarios in which invading water destroys a structure’s materials; it must be dealt with immediately to avoid costly repairs which is why our water damage Los Angeles team is available 24/7 offering the fastest water damage restoration services. Your home might seem like a fortress against water, but in reality materials like concrete, metals, wood and other components are absorbent and can quickly soak up water like a sponge in which they rot or rust. Furthermore, some types of water carry bacteria that can make people extremely ill. There are three different categories for water that include:

  • Category 1 Water– This is clear water that doesn’t pose any present threat to people. It comes from cleaner sources like a bathtub overflow or from fire sprinklers. It is typically known as “clean water” in the industry. Category 1 water is the least dangerous variety as far as health risks to people are concerned.
  • Category 2 Water– Also known as “gray water”, this type is filled with adequate levels of biological, chemical, or physical elements that make people sick.  Gray water possesses deadly micro organisms that originate from toilets with urine (no feces), sump pump malfunctions and dishwasher discharge.
  • Category 3 water– This form of water is also known as “black water” and is completely unsanitary. Black water contains dangerous fungi and bacteria and   that can cause a number of illnesses. Other forms include sewage water with fecal matter, contaminated ground surface water, and rising water from lakes and streams.

Our water damage Los Angeles technicians have over 35 years of experience in dealing with various kinds of pipe bursts and flooded structures with anything from a category one water main burst to a category three sewage spill. Our water damage Los Angeles company is IICRC and RIA certified to perform water cleanup and restoration services, no matter what. Furthermore, our same day service for fast water removal incorporates mold testing, as water damage and toxic spores go hand in hand. Don’t let a pipe leak cause mold growth in your home; call our water damage Los Angeles team for a fast response and a free inspection to test for mold and water damage severity!

Does Water Damage Cause Mold?

Our water damage Los Angeles technicians are also licensed mold removal experts, and because mold is easily caused by water damage, we employ the latest drying technology on all jobs. Our mold removal Los Angeles services are performed by industry leaders using the most advanced mold remediation techniques needed to treat spores that developed from water damage caused by ruptured hoses, rain leaks, or any flooding disaster. When our water damage Los Angeles professionals speed out to your home to begin pumping water out another crew member will test for mold that may be lingering from any part water damage. Some signs that mold could be present in your home include but are not limited to:

  • Items in the home damp to the touch
  • Elevated moisture levels in the home
  • Pink or black spots on your ceiling or walls
  • Moldy odor inside the home
  • Physical symptoms like coughing, skin irritations, or congestion

When invading water is not dried properly is facilitates a breeding ground for outdoor spores to locate and fester upon—a chain reaction of toxicity that can spread quickly through your home in no time. Whether you have a category one water damage problem like an overflowing sink, or even water damage from sewage backup, give our water damage Los Angeles company from 911 Restoration a call because we are the only company in the area with the expertise in treating even the worse sewage water damage nightmares you can imagine!

Who do I call for Sewage Water Damage in Los Angeles?

Sewage water damage is a very complicated thing to clean as it is full of deadly bacteria, which is why you need to call our water damage Los Angeles team to come out and perform fast water extractions before the destruction spreads. When category three water enters the home it puts your family’s health at risk. 911 Restoration is available 24/7 to perform sewage backup and cleanup Los Angeles services and clean the property from any disease and bacteria that could make your kids sick. Our water damage Los Angeles team members have been performing black water cleanup for nearly four decades now, and in that time we have found that the most common causes for a sewage spill in the home include:

  • Sewage pipe burst
  • Flooded sewer system
  • Flushing objects down toilet
  • Septic tank rupture

Our water damage Los Angeles specialists arrive with our fast, same day service fully donned in HAZMAT gear to protect ourselves from contamination and we also use special preventative cross-contamination procedures to prevent spreading black water to other areas of your property. When it comes to water damage Los Angeles services look no further than 911 Restoration because we do it all; we even clean and restore homes from fire water damage!

Who do I call for Fire Water Damage?

A house fire leaves devastating destruction in its wake, which is why you need to call our water damage Los Angeles pros from 911 Restoration to come salvage your home. We respond within 45 minutes of every call to perform all water damage jobs, including our comprehensive fire damage restoration Los Angeles services. After you have safely evacuated your home during a fire and have phoned emergency services to put the flames out, our water damage Los Angeles team will be standing by and ready to perform fast and instant water cleanup and restoration services. 911 Restoration specializes in:

  • Full restoration of burned homes
  • Gas and oil cleanup
  • Ashy water removal
  • Soot cleanup
  • Odor removal

Fires cause noxious fumes and odors to penetrate your walls, hardwoods, and carpets. Ash and soot can become imbedded into your materials and chemical spills are another common mess that our water damage Los Angeles team deals with. When it comes to the safety of your home and family you deserve the best water damage company in Los Angeles, so call now for a free inspection and the best care in the restoration industry!

What is the Best Water Damage Company in Los Angeles?

The best water damage Los Angeles company is 911 Restoration because we provide the highest level of customer service while providing fast, top-quality care. Our craftsmanship is based from offering the latest restoration techniques. Our water damage Los Angeles company works with all insurance companies so we can make the water damage claim process easy. In fact, we will even go the extra mile and we will file your water damage claim to your insurance company! In the event your claim gets denied we offer an affordable price on all services, no matter what with a free inspection and quote before we begin the process. 911 Restoration values professionalism, so when our water damage Los Angeles crew arrives we always put the customer first and make sure every need is met. Don’t let a pipe burst or roof leak destroy your home; call 911 Restoration Los Angeles and let us restore your home to something even better than what you had prior to the loss!

Water damage describes a multitude of loss scenarios in which invading water destroys a structure’s materials; it must be dealt with immediately to avoid costly repairs which is why our water damage Los Angeles team is available 24/7 offering the fastest water damage restoration services.
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