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Water Damage Restoration Services: The Costa Concordia

Published by 911 Restoration Los Angeles on July 23, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags: ,

The Costa Concordia is a cruise ship that sunk off the cost of an Italian Island. A drastic resurrection effort is underway to raise it from the depths and return it to its docking yard where it will be scrapped for parts. The once proud ship held the title of the largest Italian cruise liner, until rocks and low tide humbled it. Now, it needs severe water damage restoration services. Los Angeles is no stranger to water damage due to ruptured hoses, water heater leaks, and sewage backup. While your home may not take on as much water as the Concordia, it could look much the same as the damaged boat if the floods are allowed to sit long enough.


The Bridge

The old adage, “The captain goes down with the ship,” did not come into play here.  Francesco Schettino is currently standing trial for fleeing the ship while passengers were still on board. As you can imagine by this image, the choice comes down to honor and duty versus life and limp. It would be difficult to come back from such a disaster, even with water damage restoration services. Los Angeles citizens need to understand the danger here. Not only is the electronic equipment decimated, but there is no doubt mold growing in all the tight crevices. Both water logged electronics and fungus infestations can be deadly, so leave the water removal and mold remediation to the professionals.


The Elevator Shafts

When leaks become heavy duty floods, you can expect nothing to work in your home. You should shut off all utilities because leaving them active can create more problems in the future. These elevator shafts have fallen apart due to rot, over saturation, and mechanical failure. Some of this damage was inflicted when the ship tilted to its starboard side, but most of it came from the water that rushed in afterward. The same issues can happen to your electronics, albeit on a smaller scale.


The Engine Bay

The lowest part of the ship suffered the most, both because it was closest to the rocks and because gravity pulled all water down to the engine bay. The turbines and engineering that goes into making a cruise liner of this magnitude run costs much more than anything in your basement, yet it is still just as susceptible to flooding. Laundry machines, antiques, and sentimental items are all normal possessions to be found in a Los Angeles Basement. And each of these belongings will need significant water damage restoration services. Los Angeles has few basements dotted throughout the city, but the point remains the same for the lowest level of all houses. Garages are the second most likely room in the house to flood, and many times you won’t even know about it. Don’t let the water damage take over. Call the experts to check your plumbing and gutters to make sure you never suffer such a catastrophe.


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