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Water Damage: Forest Falls Mudslides

Published by SEO on August 5, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration with tags: ,

A series of rare thunderstorms led to flash floods this weekend (8/3/2014) causing mudslides that left 2500 people stranded in the San Bernardino Mountains. The hardest areas hit were Forest falls, Oak Glen, and Mt. Baldy. One person lost his life in the incident when a wave of mud sent his car into a flooded creek. More than 500 campers, including children and chaperones, are trapped at a church gathering. Rescue crews and water damage Los Angeles professionals believe it will take three days for the mud to be cleared and to free the thousands of stranded citizens.


First Responders: Citizens and Firefighters

The mudslides buried some houses, broke into a few, and demolished others. The genuine care of the community members shines through the thick mud, though, as a beacon of hope in these dark times. Neighbors offered a helping hand as dozens of ordinary citizens became extraordinary by getting their hands dirty and pulling boulders aside. The first priority were the cars in order to open up enough room for tractors to bulldoze the area. Some of the vehicles were buried up to their axles. Firefighters and other rescue crews swooped into the area nearly as fast with multiple miracle stories, such as extracting an elderly woman from her home before it collapsed and air lifting 4 stranded hikers and their dog. It is estimated that the rain caused millions of dollars in damage, but the local residents have already begun to offset that issue as well. A local tree trimmer lost his bike and chainsaw on Sunday and has already received enough money from his friends to purchase new equipment. Tragedy shows the true heart of Forest Falls. While the water damage is sure to be extensive, the residents of the area are sure to make it through with the help of each other.


The Damage Total

The total damage has yet to be tallied, but early reports claimed more than 30 homes were shaken in the incident and six have been deemed uninhabitable with red tags. The rainstorms lasted approximately two hours and dumped over five-inches of rain, which was too much for the mountain to handle. A river that swelled to more than 10 feet over the weekend lays barren today as, thankfully, the storms have subsided. However, a flash flood advisory is still in effect throughout certain parts of San Bernardino County.


What should I do if I Return to a Mudslide?

Make sure everyone is safe if you ever return home to a mudslide. Safety should always be your top priority. Second, do not enter your home. The structure could be compromised, causing it to collapse at any moment. Call for water damage Los Angeles services. They will know how to quickly extract the mud and restore all of your belongings afterward. With so many outside elements brought into your property, contaminants will be running wild. It is important, for the sake of your health, that you leave the water removal and clean up process to water damage Los Angeles experts.

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