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Fire and Smoke Damage: Wanna become a Firefighter?

Published by 911 Restoration Los Angeles on July 11, 2014 in category: 911 Restoration Franchise, Fire Damage Repair with tags: ,

The Los Angeles Fire Department recently implemented a new recruiting system that may limit your access to photos of hunky firemen, but won’t change the need for fire and smoke damage restoration services after the fact. The fire dousing process is still the same, only the way new firefighters are introduced to the force has been altered. In the past, only applicants who submitted their paper work within the first minute of enrollment were accepted. Through questionable tactics and possible upper management bias, this left a white-male dominated LAFD. Recognizing this, the union commanders and Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered a halt to that style of recruitment.  They recently opened a lottery type system that is expected to give equal opportunities to minorities, including women. While this may put an end to the classic Firemen catalogues, it may open the doors to other community interactions with the Fire Department. Whether it’s a fireman or firewoman who saves your home from a blaze, the floods they cause in stopping the fire are the same, so you should be prepared for water damage as well when you call fire restoration Los Angeles professionals.


How will this New Recruitment Process Affect me?

Adding new recruitment measures will affect the community in a few ways, most notably is that it will increase the number of female firefighters. 2014 is a year where equality-for-all is gaining a lot of ground. Never before has political correctness been so all-encompassing. That point is finally making its way into government circles and tax-employed agencies. Therefore, the rise of a coed fire department was not hard to foresee. The changes to firefighting tactics probably will not change drastically due to this overhaul. In addition, professional fire and smoke damage restoration companies will continue to work with the fire departments to determine the safety of a building, best practices, and other safety techniques. The most likely way for this change to affect you is if you ever had aspirations of becoming a fire fighter.  It will now be easier and harder to enroll in the program. It is easier due to the fact that you have days to submit paper work as opposed to 60 seconds. It is harder because your opportunity is just as prevalent as any other applicant.


Is there Anything I can do to put myself above the Competition?

Yes, if you are selected into the program, you still have a written test, background check, and scored interview to pass. If you want to put yourself above the competition, study all the materials you can on the best way to put out a fire, working as a team, and any applicable laws. Of course, if you are to be trusted in such an important task, you should have a clean record. The worst thing that could happen to a firefighter in training is to win the lottery but lose the slot based on a mistake made in youth. Remember to always stay on the right side of the law. Finally, keep your wits about you, take a public speaking class if you are shy, and study interviews to know how to score the highest. Firefighters are still considered public servants, so you need to be personable to maintain the job.

Anytime a fire occurs, the Los Angeles’ Fire Department races to the rescue. When there job is done, rely on fire and smoke damage professionals to clean up the remains and restore your home to proper order.

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