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Crawl Space Cleanup Following Water Damage

Published by 911 Restoration Los Angeles on July 15, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags: , , , ,

Water damage can greatly effect a living space. It can effect the structure of the house, leading to leaks, mold and rotting. Unfortunately, a crawl space isn’t considered part of a living environment. That means that when a home has undergone water damage restoration, the crawl space might have been overlooked. This can create serious health issues, including allergies, lung infections and even cancer.

Crawl Space Cleanup and Water Damage Removal

Since crawl spaces aren’t typically used, except for in the event of an emergency, they can often be overlooked following instances of water damage. However, a good water restoration service knows that mold grows where no one sees it, that crawl spaces can rot and that all of this can lead to fungal growth. This can also loosen floor boards and beams, which can damage the home’s structure. Odors can also arise, which will destroy the air quality in your home.

Some common problems that can be found include:

  • Standing water
  • Water condensing on pipes and ducts
  • Buckling wood floors
  • Falling insulation
  • Stained walls from water penetration
  • Mold

Other crawl space problems, including insects and pests, are unrelated to water damage but could cause health problems. However, they should also should be identified in a situation where water damage cleanup is necessary.

Water Damage Cleanup

A professional should handle all water damage restoration and cleanup. There can be downed electrical wiring, bacterial issues, mold, structural issues or debris that could make it unsafe to enter the crawl space, basement or anywhere else that has been affected by the water damage.

The professionals will perform the water damage removal using their equipment, which involves removing the water and drying everything out so there’s no leftover moisture. They’ll remove all debris and inspect the space to make sure there’s no mold or bacteria and remove any that is there. They’ll also check the sewage backup and make sure there’s no damage to the ducts. They should also replace beams and flooring to protect your home’s structure and its value. Essentially, they’ll complete a restoration, which is for the protection of the homeowner.

When there’s water damage it’s easy to not think through what that means, especially since it affects what we don’t see. It’s important to make sure that water damage cleanup is handled by professionals because otherwise something important can be missed that could affect the value of the home or the health of the residents.


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